For any lawn care or other business, their marketing materials should never be limited to conventional outbound advertising. Capturing the attention of your visitors is one of the battles you will face, and a defining moment to whether you will make sales or not. For your business to thrive, you need to have materials to show that you can walk the talk.


Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collaterals refer to media or marketing materials that are typically more informative than conventional advertising. They are normally designed to show authority, establishing legitimacy, and building trust with prospects to close sales without any issues.

At its foundation, marketing materials present a way of letting your prospects understand that you know what you are talking about. They are never flashy or conventional advertising. In creating these marketing collaterals, your priority is not to capture attention, but to retain and enhance it.


In most cases, prospects who are looking at your marketing collateral will be curious about your company. They may not be intimately familiar with what you offer, but the information they get from these materials will help them develop a better understanding of your offerings. When done right, the informative nature of the format will separate you from the competition as it showcases your understanding of your industry and the space you command.

In all your marketing materials, you need to be solely dedicated to talking about your products and services you sell. When prospects are deciding to buy, you will not just be considering what to sell, but you should consider your company as a whole. They want to know they will be taken care of by a competent, capable and knowledgeable organization that they can trust to address their issues and problems.

There are different types of marketing collaterals businesses can use;


Blog Posts


Providing good marketing collateral is a matter of consistently providing value to your customers. One of the best places to create and promote such is on blog posts. Blogs will allow you to consistently supplement your sales efforts with helpful insights and audience engagements. Blogs will also help you drive traffic to your website and generate leads through actionable advice, expertise as well as entertainment.


Testimonials are essentially condensed scalable case studies. You need to understand that prospects do not have time or interest to delve into full-on case studies. If you want to reach them, you must provide short and amazing content, and one way to do that is with the use of testimonials. Ensure your testimonial is visually engaging and established the person who provided the quote. Ultimately, a good testimonial should help in projecting the company’s legitimacy, while at the same time inspiring potential customers to further explore the product on offer.

Ebooks also present a good way of showing your authority in the industry you are involved in. eBooks tend to be longer and more detailed as compared to blog posts. They are also less snackable than typical blog content. They are the kind of marketing collateral that attract prospects with a vested interest in your industry.

The year 2020 has presented us with unexpected levels of stress, anxiety, and fear, for people across the globe. A lot of workers have been laid off, with those working for sectors such as Roofing services Fredericksburg sticking around. Others are now working half-days and are essentially becoming tutors for their kids at home. Others are dealing with increasing levels of anxiety as a result of downgrading their lifestyles.

However, many of the remote life challenges people are facing all over the world are insignificant as compared to the pandemic sweeping across the globe. But the risks posed by mental health are quite significant. To protect your mental health when working from home, here are some of the ways to go about it.


Practice mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness to focus on the present moment and feel calm during stressful times. During times of stress, you can choose to focus on happier future times rather than dwelling on the present moment. When working, give yourself short breaks where you can take five deep breaths and look over the window to gaze at beautiful things around you. If you have more time, take a walk around the neighborhood without any electronic distractions and practice mindfulness.


Combat virtual meeting fatigue

You can combat virtual meeting fatigue by alternating with phone calls or by reading actual books or newspapers. We all know the feeling of back to back zoom meetings and how they can take a toll on our lives. Within 2 hours, you would be completely exhausted in a way physical meetings even don’t. If you feel like you’re along in exhaustion around virtual meetings, it’s what we call zoom fatigue. You can overcome this fatigue by getting out a bit, looking away from the computer, and taking some minutes off to alleviate the fatigue.


Practice gratitude

If you are ever in doubt, practice gratitude, and reflect on all positive moments. Practicing gratitude can be critical in maintaining a positive life and finding joy in difficult circumstances. Gratitude can be found in minor details and even on trivial things. Take an example of this; when was the last time you paused and had a reflection on how lucky you are to have access to clean water and shelter? Happiness can be found through practicing gratitude each day and just reflecting on the few good moments you have had with your life.



Limit the use of social media

You can reach out to your friends and family to have meaningful discussions and limit the use of social media. It is important to figure out positive healthy ways of maintaining strong relationships without feeling pressure to maintain relationships. While you might be overtly craving social interaction, it can be bothersome to feel like you need some support systems from your friends and family. You need to set up meaningful boundaries with those around you and know when to call it quits.

Take time to keep a note of those you spend time with, as you will be the average of the five people you mostly spend time with.


A vision statement is a sentence or a short paragraph that candidly describes the goals of a company, a business, or an entity. It contains statements of what you are trying to build and serves as a reference for your future actions. Businesses such as Alexandria tow truck set their vision statement as a picture of what they look into in the future. When creating a vision statement, you are simply articulating the hopes and dreams of your business. The vision statement is simply an inspiration that serves as a framework for all your strategic planning.

A vision statement may apply to an entire company or just to a single division of that company. Whether it is applicable for all or part of the organization, the vision statement seeks to answer the question – where does the company want to go. Once you have a vision statement, it will have a huge influence on your decision-making process, as well as the way you allocate resources.


What vision statement isn’t

You should never confuse a vision statement with a business plan. You can think of a vision statement as a roadmap. However, a vision statement will not include specific milestones, revenue goals, and other strategies for achieving those goals. However, a vision statement will form the first step towards developing your goals and plotting your milestone. It is not tied to the details, and you should not consider specifics while crafting it. It should simply capture your passion for what you are trying to do, and not your odds of actually achieving it.


How does a vision statement work?

While a vision statement will not tell you how you’re going to get there, it however sets the direction for your business planning. It makes creating one very important for businesses. Poor planning is one of the main reasons most businesses fail. When a business can craft and articulate a vision, it creates a hallmark of a strong business foundation.

A vision statement should be ambitions. When creating one, you should never fall into the trap of only thinking a year or two ahead. The vision statement of a company will also provide a point of focus for the marketing team. Marketing campaigns and messages can be checked against a company vision, to ensure they are in line with the direction provided by the vision statement.

Unlike a mission statement, a vision statement is for you and other members of your company and not for your customers and clients. A vision statement is forward-looking, while a mission statement addresses the here and now. While the vision statement is a dream, the mission statement is the reality. Once a business sets both its vision and mission statement, then it can start working on connecting the two concepts, to create an action plan. As a wrap-up, a vision statement describes the long term goals for a company, business, or entity. In most cases, the vision statement is lofty and ambitious, and do not contain details or steps for achieving those goals. Vision statements are distinct from mission statements, although the two may inform one another.

fitnessGetting fit is something everyone should aspire to aspire. Regular exercise brings much more than the associated physical benefits. I normally take 2 hours every morning to exercise and be fit before heading for my pressure washing duties. Exercise builds up strength and pumps blood throughout your body to improve its flow. It equally improves on the flow of nutrients in the body as well as waste products out of the body. Physical exercises improve your posture and stamina, and can even be more effective than dieting.

Let us look at the benefits associated with exercising;


Exercise Improves Mental Health

Regular exercise is key to a rewired mental toughness. If you want to achieve something great, you need to get out of your comfort zone. If you have clear goals, and you maintain the discipline, everything you want to achieve will be a success. Exercise leads to an increased blood flow from your heart to brain and this helps in making you feel better.


Makes You Feel Happier

happyExercise as from time to time proved to improve mood and decrease feelings of depression, extreme stress and anxiety. Exercise produces changes in your body and in parts of your brain that regulates anxiety and stress. In can be very good at increasing brain sensitivity for hormones such as serotine that are responsible for relieving feelings of depression.


Helps with Weight Loss

Studies have shown that inactivity and pilling of excess calories in the body is a major factor contributing to weight gain. It is very important to have an understanding of the relationship between expenditure of energy and exercise if you want to lose weight. The human body spends energy in three major ways, which are digesting good, maintaining body functions and exercising. If you are dieting, you need to reduce the intake of calories, and although this may be good, it can lead to a lower metabolic rate that delays weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to hit the gym and exercise.


Good for Muscle and Bones

Regular exercise and keeping fit plays a very key role in maintaining strong muscles and bones. Physical exercises such as weight lifting can be very important in stimulating building of muscles in paired with an adequate intake of proteins. Exercise helps in promoting release of hormones that promote the ability of the body to absorb amino acids. This helps the muscles to grow, leading to better metabolism. Exercise helps in building bone density when you are young, such that even with old age, you don’t suffer the risks of osteoporosis.


Reduction of Chronic Diseases

Lack of physical exercises is a leading and primary cause of chronic diseases. Regular exercise helps in improving insulin sensitivity, body composition, cardiovascular fitness and also decreasing blood pressure  as well as blood fat levels. When you lack exercise, it can lead to a significant increase in belly fat which is normally associated with type 2 diabetes. If you want to reduce belly fat and stay in the best health state, you need to make regular exercising part of your routine.






Soccer InjuryResearch shows that over 600000 people are hurt every year while playing soccer in the United States. Majority of these people are students who adore this easy to learn and play sport. Interestingly, some of these injuries are a matter of common sense and can be easily prevented.  Just like car accidents need services of reputable towing companies like so does soccer injuries need to be seriously addressed by all parties concerned;  From referees, coaches, parents, players and even the spectators. So, how can these parties prevent the common soccer injuries from happening?

Proper field maintenance

By estimates, 25% of soccer injuries are a result of poor field conditions such as holes, broken glass, puddles and other debris. Although the referee and other officials are technically responsible for this, coaches, parents, and players should get into a habit of checking the safety of the field before commencing a match. The goal posts should also be well secured to prevent fatal injuries resulting from falling posts.


Previous injuries should heal first

When a player gets back into a game too soon after an injury, there is a risk of getting re-injured. Energetic young players are always eager to play, and the last thing they wish for is to sit on the sidelines waiting for a previous injury to heal. As a coach or referee, make them understand that getting back to the field before they are fully recovered is very dangerous.


Emphasize on fair play

Soccer is a contact sport, and that makes players vulnerable to injury. A rough and overly aggressive game should not be tolerated as it is a potential risk to the players. Fair play standards should be adhered to and enforced by referees to help eliminate contact related injuries.


Wearing proper gear

head gearShin guards and cleats are commonly used to protect the soccer players from potential injuries. The shin guard protects the tibia from painful contusions while the cleats protect the foot by providing traction on wet or muddy grounds. These gears should meet the safety standards and also fit the players properly to prevent them from developing blisters and foot and ankle injuries.


Proper stretching during warm up and cool downs

Research shows that players with poor muscle flexibility are more injury prone, experience more soreness and pain after an exercise. Therefore, stretching specific body parts like the groin, hips, and quadriceps during warm ups and cool downs is vital in reducing such strains and sprains. Stretching is particularly essential for preteens who have less flexibility due to their bones that are growing faster than the muscles.


Proper preseason conditioning

Strains and sprains are the most common conditioning related injuries. These injuries often occur at the beginning of a season when players are out of shape. Doing too much too soon is the primary cause of sprains and strains. To prevent this, players should participate in a conditioning program that aims at preparing their bodies for the soccer muscle movements. The agility should be increased progressively to make them ready for the cuts, jumps and high kicks once the soccer season kicks in.

Soccer is with no doubt a very popular sport in schools. Besides being fun to watch, it teaches the youth various values such as commitment, teamwork, self-confidence and esteem. However, injuries associated with soccer are numerous and players as well as game officials should adhere to the above-highlighted tips to achieve an injury-free play.

footballSoccer is one of the most important games in the world. Not only is it easy to learn, it is also a great source of exercise. In addition, it is a fast-paced, exciting and game that’s lots of fun.

However, soccer is a sport that involves contact which means that injuries are bound to occur in this game. For instance, muscle pulls and sprains can occur due to all the running that is involved.

In order for you to ensure safety while playing, it is crucial that you have the right kind of gear. The following are some of the gears that are a ‘must have’ when playing soccer.


Shin guards

These protect your shins from being exposed to kicks, tackles and other knocks. One of the reasons why shins have to be protected is because they are not insulated properly by tissues and muscles. They also need protection because of their close proximity to the feet, which is where soccer action majorly takes place. Therefore because soccer involves almost 90% use of feet, protection of the shin becomes a priority.

When strapped to your lower leg, shin guards will protect your shins from possible cuts and impacts. They are lightweight and every soccer player should wear them, regardless of their age and ability. Shin guards help you play with confidence. Simply wear them under your socks.


The goalie gloves

glovesIn case you are playing as a goalkeeper, then you are going to need gloves. Apart from enabling you to grip the ball properly, gloves also protect your hands when you are punching or catching the ball.

Most of the gloves for the goalkeepers are made of latex because of the need for a greater hand movement. To properly encircle the wrist, they are have been secured with Velcro bands which totally encircle the wrist thereby protecting the goalie’s wrists from hard shots or spikes.

For the fingers, some of the goalie gloves are equipped with devices called ‘finger spines’. These ‘finger spines’ protect the fingers from possible injury and allow greater stability while deflecting and saving shots at the same time.

The Jockstrap

This is an undergarment for males that is aimed at supporting and protecting the male genitals during the soccer game. For more protection, some jockstraps have a small pocket on the front for placing the protective cup. This protective gear was originally made to be used by bicycle jockeys and that is how its nickname came about.


Sports can be fun, especially soccer which is a very easy game compared to other games. But in order for you to fully enjoy, you must put safety first. The above gears will help you do just that.

SoccerSoccer is with no doubt the most watched and played sport worldwide. The popularity of it could be for its simplicity or more for the beauty of the game- the dribbles, scrambles, kicks, goals and the ultimate cheers.  Almost everyone can play soccer, provided you have a ball and some goal posts. But besides enjoyment, do you know soccer can adversely help improve your health, well-being and social ability?

Soccer for mental alertness

Soccer players kick harder, run faster and even think better than their non-sporty peers. Being a fast-paced game that requires players to make quick decisions, indulging in this game will help increase your concentration, critical thinking and good judgment. When you are mentally active, your mind is distracted from negative thoughts and daily stressors.

Soccer for burning body fat

Get off the couch and head to the field to play soccer if you want to ditch some pounds. Playing soccer takes your heart rate up and the constant running leaves you sweating profusely. The thing is; sweating means weight loss and hitting the field every single day with the same passion will see your belly pooch vanish in no time.

Soccer for boosting your self-confidence

Why do you think elite soccer players appear more confident and full of self-esteem? They face competitions and ‘elite’ experiences of life that help them achieve self-actualization. And according to Maslow hierarchy of needs, it is such experiences that boost their confidence a great deal. Therefore, playing soccer regularly will increase your stamina, improve your self-image and ultimately boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Soccer for better leadership traits

Studies show a correlation between leadership qualities and sports participation. As a soccer player, you have done it all- tough training, tried to score, won and lost altogether. You are therefore naturally likely to adopt a ‘team mindset’ at your workplace that will lead to strong leadership qualities over time.

Soccer for cardiovascular health

Isn’t it interesting that an average soccer player runs at least 5 miles in a full game? By constantly jogging, running and walking your heart rate remains high hence providing excellent cardiovascular exercise. In addition, your body will be in a position to resist plaque buildup on the arteries, reduce your blood pressure and most importantly strengthen the heart muscles.

Soccer for making you happier

You might not believe it, but sports are triggers of the happiness hormones commonly known as endorphins. By playing soccer, these hormones will release stress and depression, leaving you a happier and healthier person.

Soccer is a relatively simple sport and a hobby that will cost you very little. You can either join a local team or play in your backyard alone or with family. May these few soccer benefits motivate you to play the game more often and soon you will notice how your health, brain function, and social life has greatly improved.