6 Reasons Why You Should Play Soccer

SoccerSoccer is with no doubt the most watched and played sport worldwide. The popularity of it could be for its simplicity or more for the beauty of the game- the dribbles, scrambles, kicks, goals and the ultimate cheers.  Almost everyone can play soccer, provided you have a ball and some goal posts. But besides enjoyment, do you know soccer can adversely help improve your health, well-being and social ability?

Soccer for mental alertness

Soccer players kick harder, run faster and even think better than their non-sporty peers. Being a fast-paced game that requires players to make quick decisions, indulging in this game will help increase your concentration, critical thinking and good judgment. When you are mentally active, your mind is distracted from negative thoughts and daily stressors.

Soccer for burning body fat

Get off the couch and head to the field to play soccer if you want to ditch some pounds. Playing soccer takes your heart rate up and the constant running leaves you sweating profusely. The thing is; sweating means weight loss and hitting the field every single day with the same passion will see your belly pooch vanish in no time.

Soccer for boosting your self-confidence

Why do you think elite soccer players appear more confident and full of self-esteem? They face competitions and ‘elite’ experiences of life that help them achieve self-actualization. And according to Maslow hierarchy of needs, it is such experiences that boost their confidence a great deal. Therefore, playing soccer regularly will increase your stamina, improve your self-image and ultimately boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Soccer for better leadership traits

Studies show a correlation between leadership qualities and sports participation. As a soccer player, you have done it all- tough training, tried to score, won and lost altogether. You are therefore naturally likely to adopt a ‘team mindset’ at your workplace that will lead to strong leadership qualities over time.

Soccer for cardiovascular health

Isn’t it interesting that an average soccer player runs at least 5 miles in a full game? By constantly jogging, running and walking your heart rate remains high hence providing excellent cardiovascular exercise. In addition, your body will be in a position to resist plaque buildup on the arteries, reduce your blood pressure and most importantly strengthen the heart muscles.

Soccer for making you happier

You might not believe it, but sports are triggers of the happiness hormones commonly known as endorphins. By playing soccer, these hormones will release stress and depression, leaving you a happier and healthier person.

Soccer is a relatively simple sport and a hobby that will cost you very little. You can either join a local team or play in your backyard alone or with family. May these few soccer benefits motivate you to play the game more often and soon you will notice how your health, brain function, and social life has greatly improved.

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