Must Protective Gear you Need when Playing Soccer 

footballSoccer is one of the most important games in the world. Not only is it easy to learn, it is also a great source of exercise. In addition, it is a fast-paced, exciting and game that’s lots of fun.

However, soccer is a sport that involves contact which means that injuries are bound to occur in this game. For instance, muscle pulls and sprains can occur due to all the running that is involved.

In order for you to ensure safety while playing, it is crucial that you have the right kind of gear. The following are some of the gears that are a ‘must have’ when playing soccer.


Shin guards

These protect your shins from being exposed to kicks, tackles and other knocks. One of the reasons why shins have to be protected is because they are not insulated properly by tissues and muscles. They also need protection because of their close proximity to the feet, which is where soccer action majorly takes place. Therefore because soccer involves almost 90% use of feet, protection of the shin becomes a priority.

When strapped to your lower leg, shin guards will protect your shins from possible cuts and impacts. They are lightweight and every soccer player should wear them, regardless of their age and ability. Shin guards help you play with confidence. Simply wear them under your socks.


The goalie gloves

glovesIn case you are playing as a goalkeeper, then you are going to need gloves. Apart from enabling you to grip the ball properly, gloves also protect your hands when you are punching or catching the ball.

Most of the gloves for the goalkeepers are made of latex because of the need for a greater hand movement. To properly encircle the wrist, they are have been secured with Velcro bands which totally encircle the wrist thereby protecting the goalie’s wrists from hard shots or spikes.

For the fingers, some of the goalie gloves are equipped with devices called ‘finger spines’. These ‘finger spines’ protect the fingers from possible injury and allow greater stability while deflecting and saving shots at the same time.

The Jockstrap

This is an undergarment for males that is aimed at supporting and protecting the male genitals during the soccer game. For more protection, some jockstraps have a small pocket on the front for placing the protective cup. This protective gear was originally made to be used by bicycle jockeys and that is how its nickname came about.


Sports can be fun, especially soccer which is a very easy game compared to other games. But in order for you to fully enjoy, you must put safety first. The above gears will help you do just that.

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