Amazing Benefits of Keeping Fit

fitnessGetting fit is something everyone should aspire to aspire. Regular exercise brings much more than the associated physical benefits. I normally take 2 hours every morning to exercise and be fit before heading for my pressure washing duties. Exercise builds up strength and pumps blood throughout your body to improve its flow. It equally improves on the flow of nutrients in the body as well as waste products out of the body. Physical exercises improve your posture and stamina, and can even be more effective than dieting.

Let us look at the benefits associated with exercising;


Exercise Improves Mental Health

Regular exercise is key to a rewired mental toughness. If you want to achieve something great, you need to get out of your comfort zone. If you have clear goals, and you maintain the discipline, everything you want to achieve will be a success. Exercise leads to an increased blood flow from your heart to brain and this helps in making you feel better.


Makes You Feel Happier

happyExercise as from time to time proved to improve mood and decrease feelings of depression, extreme stress and anxiety. Exercise produces changes in your body and in parts of your brain that regulates anxiety and stress. In can be very good at increasing brain sensitivity for hormones such as serotine that are responsible for relieving feelings of depression.


Helps with Weight Loss

Studies have shown that inactivity and pilling of excess calories in the body is a major factor contributing to weight gain. It is very important to have an understanding of the relationship between expenditure of energy and exercise if you want to lose weight. The human body spends energy in three major ways, which are digesting good, maintaining body functions and exercising. If you are dieting, you need to reduce the intake of calories, and although this may be good, it can lead to a lower metabolic rate that delays weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to hit the gym and exercise.


Good for Muscle and Bones

Regular exercise and keeping fit plays a very key role in maintaining strong muscles and bones. Physical exercises such as weight lifting can be very important in stimulating building of muscles in paired with an adequate intake of proteins. Exercise helps in promoting release of hormones that promote the ability of the body to absorb amino acids. This helps the muscles to grow, leading to better metabolism. Exercise helps in building bone density when you are young, such that even with old age, you don’t suffer the risks of osteoporosis.


Reduction of Chronic Diseases

Lack of physical exercises is a leading and primary cause of chronic diseases. Regular exercise helps in improving insulin sensitivity, body composition, cardiovascular fitness and also decreasing blood pressure  as well as blood fat levels. When you lack exercise, it can lead to a significant increase in belly fat which is normally associated with type 2 diabetes. If you want to reduce belly fat and stay in the best health state, you need to make regular exercising part of your routine.






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