What Is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement is a sentence or a short paragraph that candidly describes the goals of a company, a business, or an entity. It contains statements of what you are trying to build and serves as a reference for your future actions. Businesses such as Alexandria tow truck set their vision statement as a picture of what they look into in the future. When creating a vision statement, you are simply articulating the hopes and dreams of your business. The vision statement is simply an inspiration that serves as a framework for all your strategic planning.

A vision statement may apply to an entire company or just to a single division of that company. Whether it is applicable for all or part of the organization, the vision statement seeks to answer the question – where does the company want to go. Once you have a vision statement, it will have a huge influence on your decision-making process, as well as the way you allocate resources.


What vision statement isn’t

You should never confuse a vision statement with a business plan. You can think of a vision statement as a roadmap. However, a vision statement will not include specific milestones, revenue goals, and other strategies for achieving those goals. However, a vision statement will form the first step towards developing your goals and plotting your milestone. It is not tied to the details, and you should not consider specifics while crafting it. It should simply capture your passion for what you are trying to do, and not your odds of actually achieving it.


How does a vision statement work?

While a vision statement will not tell you how you’re going to get there, it however sets the direction for your business planning. It makes creating one very important for businesses. Poor planning is one of the main reasons most businesses fail. When a business can craft and articulate a vision, it creates a hallmark of a strong business foundation.

A vision statement should be ambitions. When creating one, you should never fall into the trap of only thinking a year or two ahead. The vision statement of a company will also provide a point of focus for the marketing team. Marketing campaigns and messages can be checked against a company vision, to ensure they are in line with the direction provided by the vision statement.

Unlike a mission statement, a vision statement is for you and other members of your company and not for your customers and clients. A vision statement is forward-looking, while a mission statement addresses the here and now. While the vision statement is a dream, the mission statement is the reality. Once a business sets both its vision and mission statement, then it can start working on connecting the two concepts, to create an action plan. As a wrap-up, a vision statement describes the long term goals for a company, business, or entity. In most cases, the vision statement is lofty and ambitious, and do not contain details or steps for achieving those goals. Vision statements are distinct from mission statements, although the two may inform one another.

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