How to Protect Your Mental Health When Working Remotely?

The year 2020 has presented us with unexpected levels of stress, anxiety, and fear, for people across the globe. A lot of workers have been laid off, with those working for sectors such as Roofing services Fredericksburg sticking around. Others are now working half-days and are essentially becoming tutors for their kids at home. Others are dealing with increasing levels of anxiety as a result of downgrading their lifestyles.

However, many of the remote life challenges people are facing all over the world are insignificant as compared to the pandemic sweeping across the globe. But the risks posed by mental health are quite significant. To protect your mental health when working from home, here are some of the ways to go about it.


Practice mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness to focus on the present moment and feel calm during stressful times. During times of stress, you can choose to focus on happier future times rather than dwelling on the present moment. When working, give yourself short breaks where you can take five deep breaths and look over the window to gaze at beautiful things around you. If you have more time, take a walk around the neighborhood without any electronic distractions and practice mindfulness.


Combat virtual meeting fatigue

You can combat virtual meeting fatigue by alternating with phone calls or by reading actual books or newspapers. We all know the feeling of back to back zoom meetings and how they can take a toll on our lives. Within 2 hours, you would be completely exhausted in a way physical meetings even don’t. If you feel like you’re along in exhaustion around virtual meetings, it’s what we call zoom fatigue. You can overcome this fatigue by getting out a bit, looking away from the computer, and taking some minutes off to alleviate the fatigue.


Practice gratitude

If you are ever in doubt, practice gratitude, and reflect on all positive moments. Practicing gratitude can be critical in maintaining a positive life and finding joy in difficult circumstances. Gratitude can be found in minor details and even on trivial things. Take an example of this; when was the last time you paused and had a reflection on how lucky you are to have access to clean water and shelter? Happiness can be found through practicing gratitude each day and just reflecting on the few good moments you have had with your life.



Limit the use of social media

You can reach out to your friends and family to have meaningful discussions and limit the use of social media. It is important to figure out positive healthy ways of maintaining strong relationships without feeling pressure to maintain relationships. While you might be overtly craving social interaction, it can be bothersome to feel like you need some support systems from your friends and family. You need to set up meaningful boundaries with those around you and know when to call it quits.

Take time to keep a note of those you spend time with, as you will be the average of the five people you mostly spend time with.


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